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5 Simple Ways To Burn Off Chinese New Year Calories

Author: admin Date: Feb 01, 2017

The Chinese New Year season brings joy to everyone, especially with the merriment and feasts going on. However, with all the feasting comes the calories which, in turn, add to the pounds. So how does one get rid of those extra calories?  Here are simple workouts to sweat off those holiday treats. 1. House Cleaning […]


Office Exercises You Can Do In Your Cubicle

Author: admin Date: Aug 12, 2016

Have you ever felt soreness or ache in your shoulder, neck or wrist? You are not alone. Surveys in the workplaces show that 6 out of 10 have the same problem as you. Let us take a look at the usual culprits that cause most of the working adults to suffer from the above discomforts […]