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World Thalassemia Day

Author: admin Date: May 04, 2017

How much do you know about World Thalassemia Day and the disease? World Thalassemia Day on 8th of May was established by the World Health Organization, an approach to raise public awareness about this disease, prevention measures and measures to avoid its transmission, for instance, pre-marriage test. What is Thalassemia disease? Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder, […]


Top 5 Things Employees Want In Their Wellness Programs

Author: admin Date: Mar 07, 2017

More employers are providing wellness programs to their employees in hope that their employees become healthier and therefore more productive. Many employers are also using wellness programs to attract their next generation of talents – the millennials. A study by Gallup showed that 6 in 10 millennials interviewed rank work-life balance and wellbeing in a […]


What’s Love Got to Do with It

Author: admin Date: Feb 13, 2017

American singer Tina Turner, the Queen of Rock and Roll, with her sultry, powerful voice, big hair-do, high heels and short skirt delivered a convincing vocal in “What’s love got to do with it”.  As if demanding an answer, Turner looks you in the eye and repeats over and over : What’s love got to […]

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